Fear of filling Tax Returns

Most of the time it started innocently enough. We prepare our tax returns and much to our surprise we owe the IRS a sum of money we simply do not have.Then we decide not to file our taxes.The next year, the same thing happens, and again we are afraid to file because now we owe more. We fear the IRS will demand payment in full.  Each successive year, the fear grows along with the amount we owe.We avoid opening letters from the IRS. So, now we start relocating on a regular basis without filing a change of address. We keep changing jobs, too. Fear of the IRS keeps growing. Finally, we get tired of running and we don’t know what to do.Now we owe the IRS substantially more in past taxes along with penalties, fees and interest.

We find ourselves deeper and deeper in trouble because we simply did not think there is any other recourse. Instead of focusing on the fear, focus on the peace we will experience being able to stay put in a home, a job, and a town.


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