How to file Income Tax Returns (ITR)?

There was a time when you wait in long queues and after waiting for five hours file your Returns. Time is considered to be most important in business. With the help of Internet, it is easy to file ITR and there is sharp increase in number of people filing e-returns with the help of Internet.

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You just need to create your account on Income Tax Department website at, and then download 26AS form and ITR form. Now fill the form according to the bank account details.

You can find multiple websites on Internet such as Raaas, Neeraj Bhagat, Brooks Consultants etc to assist you to file e-returns. These sites also take care to get the maximum refund on tax possible.

For the people who are confused regarding last date of filing tax returns, there is good news that the last date for filing e returns has been extended to 31st August, 2015.The process and number of pages in Income Tax Return Form (ITR) has been made simple by reducing number of pages to 3 by removing pages such as dormant bank accounts and foreign travel.

Income from all sources whether it is property, pension, job, gifts etc should be mentioned on ITR form for the year for which the income tax return has to be filed. If you have more than one source of income like property and income from agriculture is greater than 5000, need to file ITR-2A.There are different forms with different sources of income. You do not need to get confused regarding these details. RAAAS, one of the top chartered accountants in Delhi, India is ready to assist you in filing tax returns.

Few years ago, it was a tedious process to file e-returns as after filing the e-return, an acknowledgement was sent to IT department within 120 days of e-filing. It leads to an era of mistakes. You expect something and in return get unexpected results which were annoying. The results were non-processing of returns and missing of important refunds. But it is now easy with the introduction of Electronic Verification Code (EVC).It can be generated via, ATM machines and selected banks. The most important and complex task is to calculate your due filing correctly and various sections to claim exemptions.

Ruchi Anand and Associates is a blend of top chartered accountants in India having vast experience in different fields. They can advise you on your financial situation. In order to get maximum deductions and refund, our team of experts understand your financial situation and help you get maximum savings in filing tax returns. Filing ITR is a complex task but RAAAS can get you maximum savings while you can focus on your business.

RAAAS provides services like

  • Formation of Business organizations in India
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Audit Service
  • Reporting
  • Taxation
  • Special Areas

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