Guidance Note on Accounting for Depreciation in Companies

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The council of the institute of Chartered Accountants of India has issued accounting standard (AS) 6 on ‘Depreciation Accounting’. This standard lays down general principles of accounting for depreciation applicable to all entities. As such, the Standard is applicable to companies also in matters where there are no specific requirements under the companies Act. AS 6 also provides that the statue governing an enterprise may provide the basis for computation of depreciation. In such a situation, the requirements of the statue have to be complied with. Thus, in case of companies, section 205 and 350 of the Companies Act, 1956, which govern provisions regarding charge of depreciation for the purpose of payment of dividends and computation of managerial remuneration, respectively, provide the basis for computation of depreciation, the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1988 has amended section 350, as a consequence to which rates of depreciation prescribed in Income-tax. Risk advisory services in India.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Tax Consultant:


Tax consultants, referred to as tax advisers and are trained in tax law. They understand the regulations regarding business and individual taxes and advise clients on how to comply with both federal and state tax legislation.

Tax consultants provide their clients with financial and tax-related advice. They meet with client over the phone and-in person to discuss their clients’ tax situations. They educate their clients on tax options, including how to legally lower tax liability or how to compare taxes bases on their investments, Tax consultants might prepare and complete client tax returns and assist clients in finding the right deductions, credits and adjustment based on their financial situation. Tax consultants must be well-spoken and have excellent communication skills they deal with clients and other professionals on a daily basis. Ruchi Anand & Associates is a company of Tax advisor Ritu Anand & working as a tax consultant in India, tax consultant firms in India, Internal audit services in India, Risk advisory services in India. You can also join Ruchi Anand & Associates for consultancy and taxation related for your Company.